Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!

Wow..its been almost a month since I have updated. Well I have good reasons I promise!

Let's see if I can recap this in point form
-my ds got strep throat and then the next week broke out in hives EVERYWHERE. The doctor said he had an allergic reaction to the medicine he was on...which happened to be a form of penicillin. He was covered with these hives for almost 5 full days.

-my dog of 13 years was put to sleep last week.

-In addition to selling at Digital Candy and ScrapbookMAX, I recently opened up my very own Blog Store with the help of the awesome Christine Smith. THAT has kept me pretty busy let me tell ya!! Here is the link Digi-Mac Designs Blog Store If you want more info about your own blog store you can go here DigiScrapShopping.

-My grandma is not doing too well. Cancer is such a nasty disease :(

-I FINALLY replaced my mac powerbook that died. I love my new LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Just waiting to get a copy of Windows so that I can have a dual boot laptop!

Thats most of it in a nutshell. I will be back with some fun stuff soon!