Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Big News

So now I can share with you some pretty big news that has been going on around here! I had been toying with the idea of selling my designs for a while now, most of you know that...well...NOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First there is Digital Candy

This place rocks!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how welcome they make a newcomer feel and as an added bonus THEY ARE CANADIAN!!! WOOHOO!!

Here is a link to my store there:
Digi-Mac Designs

I am also selling some of my stuff at Scrapbook MAX
If you are new to digital scrapbooking this is the perfect software for you! I was sent a copy
to test out and review and as most of you know I am a die hard Photoshop girl but I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of this program. I am SLLLOOOOOWLY getting thing up in the store there but they only upload to the store ONCE a week so I figure by 2008 most of my stuff SHOULD be up there lol *snicker*

So there ya have it...awesome huh?!!!!

I am also anxiously awaiting my copy of Scrapbook Dimensions to arrive. I cannot wait to see my Photo Restoration article in PRINT!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Crazy Crazy Days

Well today I had a break from being a mom (gotta love Sundays) and had a very productive day. I finished up a few CT layouts, finished the new logo and preview templates for my kits and even managed to get another kit wrapped up. And on top of that I did laundry, washed the dishes AND cooked supper! lol

I think I am pretty happy with how the logo and preview templates came out. But knowing me and how I am never happy with anything I will likely want to change it all next week!!

Here are a couple of the previews.

Tomorrow I hope to finish up a few more layouts and then it will be off to play tennis with my son. I cannot believe how much he enjoys tennis....I mean for a 6 year old I think thats pretty good.

Thats about it...so much going on yet still boring blog posts lol
Have a good night!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Crazy World Of Mine

Where to begin. I guess to keep from boring you all to death I will use point form.

-mil diagnosed with colon cancer, still recovering from surgery in hospital
-my grandma was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, the doctors are not giving her long to live.
-spent a few days at my mom's so that I could see my grandma
-been trying to keep caught up with stuff but its a never ending cycle
-ds has been doing great in soccer..he recently scored his first goal and an assist in the same game!
-my hands have been acting up again. I find them very stiff in the mornings again :(
-taking steps to get my designs out there in the stores...hopefully something will happen soon.

Well thats about it for now. Have a great weekend if I don't make it back to update!