Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Big News

So now I can share with you some pretty big news that has been going on around here! I had been toying with the idea of selling my designs for a while now, most of you know that...well...NOW I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First there is Digital Candy

This place rocks!!! I cannot even begin to tell you how welcome they make a newcomer feel and as an added bonus THEY ARE CANADIAN!!! WOOHOO!!

Here is a link to my store there:
Digi-Mac Designs

I am also selling some of my stuff at Scrapbook MAX
If you are new to digital scrapbooking this is the perfect software for you! I was sent a copy
to test out and review and as most of you know I am a die hard Photoshop girl but I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of this program. I am SLLLOOOOOWLY getting thing up in the store there but they only upload to the store ONCE a week so I figure by 2008 most of my stuff SHOULD be up there lol *snicker*

So there ya have it...awesome huh?!!!!

I am also anxiously awaiting my copy of Scrapbook Dimensions to arrive. I cannot wait to see my Photo Restoration article in PRINT!


AngelBear said...

Congrats Amy...thats wonderful!!!!

Karan said...

way to go Amy...great to hear some good news in your life!!!


Chelle Belle Designs said...

Woo Hoo! WTG, I am so glad you joined our DC team! And I just LOVE your designs!!!

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Hey you! Huge congrats. I love your stuff - we'll have to talk about advertising you on the EDS Blog!!!

AngelBear said...

TAG...check out my blog!